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    14 Stories From Real Women About Racial Discrimination And Bias At Work

    February 27th, 2018 by Our Webmaster

    By Anthony Rivas

    “I deal with microaggressions every day. I just hold my head high and try to move past the BS.”

    Studies suggest that racial discrimination and gender bias affect mental and physical health, and have been linked to high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. And although women of color might experience discrimination or bias separately, it’s not uncommon for there to be both at the same time.

    So, in the interest of showing how pervasive these behaviors are in so many different workplaces, here are some stories about these issues as well as some ways that women deal with them.

    “My manager actually used the term ‘money whore’ when trying to convince me to stay where I was.”

    I am a creative, progressively minded female in a deep red, science-based, male-dominated industry. Once I was offered another job different from my own, but within my company, and my manager actually used the term “money whore” when trying to convince me to stay where I was — he was offering me more money, which I desperately needed. I took the other position for less money, and just under a year later, I have been offered yet another position …read more

    Via:: Health Topics by BuzzFeed


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