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    13 Cleanses You Should Actually Do This Year

    January 20th, 2018 by Our Webmaster

    By Caroline Kee

    No juice press or detox tea required. Just cleaning products and motivation.

    No, we aren’t talking about juice cleanses. We’re talking about literally cleansing some of the germiest places and items in your life.

    Germs include bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and they’re everywhere. We have germs on our skin and inside our bodies, and most of them are harmless. Actually, we need some germs, like the “good bacteria” on our skin and in our gut, to stay healthy. So we aren’t trying to make you a germaphobe. But you should limit exposure to pathogens, or germs that can cause disease (think: E. coli, staph aureus, salmonella, norovirus).

    You can generally avoid them by maintaining proper hygiene, such as washing your hands. However, pathogens can also accumulate on surfaces or items you use everyday that are way less obvious than, say, your toilet seat. Actually, there’s a good chance you’ve never ever cleaned some of the things on this list. And if you’re not cleaning things the right way or enough, pathogens could get to levels that can make you sick. But regardless, it’s still a good idea to deep-clean these items every now and then. So …read more

    Via:: Health Topics by BuzzFeed


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